How to Learn Digital Skills for Free During Covid-19 Pandemic

student learning from Microsoft learn

One of major problem faced during pandemic and lockdown is threat to the jobs and livelihoods of millions of people. Companies have gone bankrupt and facing immense loss of capital and revenue, alone in US -30 million people have faced unemployment.

It’s clear that in near future companies will kick off more people from jobs which can be done by automated machines by deploying artificial intelligence.

Due to the fear of another pandemic and to make themselves more resilient to such uncertain events companies are looking to replace the manual work which can be easily be done by AI.

The future of many families is under severe threat many people are going out of work and it’s a huge problem for them and the nations itself.

Work is changing, learning is changing, life is changing. Every person on the planet will need new skills to be successful tomorrow, one year from now, and one decade from now. This is particularly apropos for students (and the educators teaching them), with the World Economic Forum predicting that two-thirds of students today will work in jobs that do not yet exist. Likewise, LinkedIn continues to report cloud and artificial intelligence as top emerging jobs.

Today’s students are the innovators and inventors of the future who can use technology as a bedrock to help find solutions to the types of problems we’re facing today and those we can’t predict.

Analysing this tricky situation and in hope of finding solutions, Microsoft has come up with a solid plan to teach millions of people Futuristic Technologies like – Data Science, Cloud Computing, Automation Tools and Other Skills absolutely free for all.

Microsoft Learning platform is helping to make technical learning more accessible to everyone who wants to acquire a new skill, chase a new career path, and stay up to date on the latest technological advances. Microsoft learning is making commitment to help students, job seekers and employees gain the skills they need to be successful in today’s digital-first economy.

Microsoft Learn Platform has already 4 million learners registered in the less than two years since its launch, and they have very vibrant and growing community.

Some Highlights of Microsoft learning Platform and how you can use it for your own benefit.

  • More than 225 learning paths and Collections of modules are organized around specific roles and technologies.
  • More than 1,000 modules. The building blocks of the Microsoft Learn experience, a module is a course that contains videos, labs and articles.
  • Role-based learning for 17 roles. For example, software developer, AI engineer, data scientist and solutions architect.
  • Training aligned to 35 Microsoft certifications. Earning certifications shows you are keeping pace with today’s technical roles and requirements. Certification exams can be taken online, and users can easily share their certifications on their LinkedIn profile. Later this year, we will offer discounted certification exams for those impacted by COVID-19.
  • More than 160 instructor-led training courses. Access deep technical training, taught by Microsoft-certified trainers, bringing you and your team customizable learning solutions.
  • Localized in up to 23 languages. Learning paths are supported in up to 23 languages depending on the topic.

How to Join Microsoft Learning Platform

Microsoft learning platform is very easily accessible and free for anyone. All you need is a Microsoft Account, Computer Laptop, a Strong Reliable Internet, and Time commitment to learn the specific skills.

There are some specific requirement for every Courses that you can find in respective courses.

  • To access the courses, you need to first make a Micrsoft account first. Create New Account here
  • After creating account, all you need to do is Login with Microsoft account into Microsoft learning
  • After that you need to choose your learning paths >Here, you can choose hundreds of different courses in the given list from beginner to advanced level, from data analyst to Security engineer they have covered everything for all
FireShot Capture 091 Browse all Learn Microsoft Docs

One of the more fascinating things I discovered is that the courses are not too long they range from 1 hour to 10 hours of learning which is quite good and not very overwhelming for an new user.

FireShot Capture 094 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Learn Microsoft Docs
Microsoft learning

The user interface is actually extremely easy, and you can Bookmark courses and chapters for accessing late on.

After every course completion you get XP (reputation) points which increases your reputation and shows you knowledge level.

In modern world of automation and increasing digitization everyone must equip themselves with modern and relevant skills which is not only useful for getting jobs, but also important to make yourself more productive and resilient to future layoff due to automation.

Even the small businesses must learn modern digital skills to increase their productivity and efficient at product design and efficient collaboration with employees.

The time is now and may never come again especially if you are anxious of getting job loss or already unemployed or make to make your job future proof, everyone must learn new digital skills to remain relevant in job market.

And Microsoft is giving you everything at free of cost which may cost you hundreds of dollars in near future.

Microsoft has partnered with universities to create new learning paths based on their popular courses in data science, cloud development, and AI engineering, all tailored for the students that want to build in-demand job skills and educators that want to teach them:

Micrsoft is giving Certificate of Completion at extremely low cost from the elite universities which you can display in your resume or attached at your LinkedIn profile and get easily highlighted by head-hunters.

Not only this, but Micrsoft is giving free learning tools like free Azure accounts, plus a $100 credit, for qualifying students. With their accounts, students can develop in Visual Studio to create custom apps, explore AI through Cognitive Services and smart APIs, and build and train machine learning models faster with the latest open source technologies. Free developer tools are included, as are free learning paths and labs.

I hope this article may help you to learn, grow and prosper in your life. Do share this post with your friends and colleagues and spread the knowledge and help them to make their life more enjoyable

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